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Series 4 now in post-production.
Broadcast details to be released soon

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About Us

The Italian Guide
The Italian Guide fuses the best of all things Italian.

The Italian Guide is a fresh weekly half-hour television programme exploring Italian lifestyle around the world. In every episode, The Italian Guide presents engaging people of Italian background or experience with stimulating stories, inspiring achievements and alternative points of view. It is a showcase of Italian culture and lifestyle with an Australian flavour.

                   The Italian Guide crew

The Italian Guide has a strong emotional connection with its audience – people of Italian heritage appreciate the recognition of the modern lifestyle they enjoy outside Italy, and the benefits gained from their Italian culture. They will value new opportunities to discover Italian connections, and are interested and supportive of the health and wellbeing of the traditional and modern Italian culture within Australia. Fashion, cooking, motoring, travel, family, youth issues, live music with intelligent and often humorous interviews, all are part of the diversity of stories featured on The Italian Guide.

Entertaining and inquisitive, The Italian Guide appeals to the wider audience with the core audience being the highly sought-after niche of the Italian community.

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